Our Melting Pot in Makati City, Philippines

Our Melting Pot, Makati City, Philippines

Friendly Accommodation in More Ways Than One

Our Melting Pot in Makati City, Philippines

Budget travelers in the Philippine financial capital don't need to go overboard for an unforgettable stay. At Our Melting Pot in Makati City, Philippines, they won't get just a place to sleep in, despite what the rates suggest. Backpackers will get a place they can call home after hours on a plane or on the road, and maybe even get to know fellow travelers, making new friends along the way.

Our Melting Pot Hostel is essentially modeled after the original concept of the hostel in Europe, where travelers can socialize in a common area, encouraging a sense of camaraderie. Here, that idea is fused with Filipino hospitality, resulting in a brand of personalized service that's hard to find in largely commercialized 5-star accommodation. This service is reflected in how the dormitory-style and private rooms are kept clean and comfortable, or how the staff organizes various events for guests, like Wednesday karaoke or Friday student nights.

Hence, it is not just the best choice for anyone on a budget. Our Melting Pot is surely for travelers who know that home isn't a matter of where it is, but how welcome they are in a place, wherever that place may be.

Our Melting Pot - Rooms

Clean, Comfortable, and Affordable

Our Melting Pot in Makati City offers air-conditioned dormitory-style or private rooms, suitable for either a group of travelers or those who prefer a little more privacy. Our dormitory-style rooms have bunk beds with privacy curtains to ensure peace and quiet. Meanwhile, our private rooms have either standard-sized single or double beds. All rooms have Internet access and cable TV, ensuring our guests stay connected with family and friends even from this part of the world. Details.

Our Melting Pot - Facilities

It's More Fun at Our Makati City Hostel

We have a wide range of facilities, services, and even events that are hard-to-find at other budget accommodation in Manila. These include luggage storage for our guests who wish to go around the area, without lugging a heavy bag around. Or they can take advantage of our complimentary use of landline phone to arrange trips and make reservations. And who can forget the small parties at the guest-only rooftop area of Our Melting Pot, where guests not only have fun, but make new friends, as well. Details.

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